Social Media Feedback is a True Business Gift

I know, it’s a tough message – we want you to embrace your haters on social media.  I can already see the eyes rolling.

When we’re confronted with the online criticism, your instincts may tell you to pick a fight or delete and ignore. But let me ask you this. What if you saw your haters on social media for who they really are – people who’re helping your business? Stick with me here. When you receive a not-so-great social media comment or review, consider these 3 steps:

  • Stop and realize this comment or review might help your business grow and change for the better. If nothing else, it will show your followers that you care what they say and feel about your business.
  • Respond to the comment and try to take the social media conversation offline to get more information. This is where you can determine if the issue can be solved or if the customer just needed to be heard.
  • Take action and let the customer know what you did. You may even consider responding to the comment thread letting your social media followers know. Nine out of ten times, you will create new or loyal fans because of the quick and thoughtful customer service.

You will get random haters (internet trolls) no matter what you do. That’s the name of the game. However, the majority of complaints can teach you or make you aware of something you may not have noticed before. It can make you and your business stronger while also offering an opportunity to reconnect and recover a customer.

Plus, engagement helps SEO and getting your social media platforms seen. So let the haters stay. Let them leave their comments – whether positive or negative. It helps with your organic engagement. And when your followers see your classy response to the complaint or question, it shows them who you are as a brand and why they should trust you.

Whatever the comment, always respond. Your silence speaks volumes. And if the person continues to rant, regardless of what you do, he or she probably isn’t the right customer for you. Move on from that one person, but remember, it’s one customer. Continue to engage with, and respond to the rest. If you’re going to build a brand with a loyal following, there are going to be haters that come along for the ride. If you embrace it, respond and grow from the experience –  who’s really #winning?

Stay savvy,

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