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A note from our humble, confident leader, Kim McKeeman

I’m Kim McKeeman, founder, owner, and CEO of McKeeman Communications. What do we do? Quite simply, we like to solve business issues. We just happen to use communications and PR to make it happen.

I started our agency more than 25 years ago, thinking “let’s shake up the traditional agency experience a bit: 

  • Let’s be intentional about best-fit clients and team members, and let’s go find them
  • Let’s define those client and colleague fits based on team-developed core values (although we called them McKeeman Mantras two decades ago)
  • Let’s make sure our clients see how much we appreciate their business but also feel that same sense of appreciation from them for the value we bring
  • Let’s value our team members like family 

Overall, let’s provide clients and colleagues with fulfilling, successful work experiences based on mutual “like and trust”.

We’re not a traditional PR agency, and we like that. We’re also not the agency for every client, and that’s okay too. Like most people, the McKeeman team wants best-fit partnerships that we can invest in and grow.

No matter if it’s a news release, annual communications services, crisis communications, media training, a grand opening celebration or a one-off project, we’d love to talk with you. Call it our freakish curiosity, but we’re genuinely interested in what businesses do and why they do it. Give us a call. We’ll listen, ask questions to understand and candidly give you our best thinking.

Thanks for visiting and we do hope you’ll reach out!

My best,

Kim McKeeman

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    We are an integrated public relations and communications agency that places a high value on client service and creative problem-solving. Our team is energized with opportunities that allow us to help brands change perceptions and build relationships.

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    We Treat Your Business Like Our Own

    At McKeeman, we see our clients as partners and, from the beginning, dig in to solve problems with PR and communications-oriented solutions. That may mean we’re helping business owners identify and communicate what makes them different or determining a better way to connect with your customers (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, oh my!). For us, your business is a partnership and we’re honored when clients entrust us with their marketing communications.

    Social Media

    Which platforms are my customers on? What do I do with these comments? Why does no one like my page? Why are my followers not reacting to my posts? There’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok – oh my! Where do you even start? We’d like to partner with you to ease your social woes and allow you to get back to what you do best – running your business.

    Media Relations

    How do I tell my story? What do I do to get the media to notice? What if they want to do an interview - what do I say? We partner with our clients to help them find the right platform, reach the right audience and tell their story in an effective way. And remember… just because you don’t have an announcement or event doesn’t mean you don’t have something valuable to say or an important story to tell.

    Crisis Communication & Planning

    Worried an employee’s mistake could ruin your company’s reputation? Have a Facebook complaint you’re concerned could go viral and ignite a media firestorm? What do you do?  Let’s face it, tackling a crisis situation is not only daunting, it can be downright scary. We say – have a plan.

    Event Management

    How do I make a splash with my grand opening? What does success look like? Who handles catering, setup, cleanup? We’re a team of type A personalities, so let us take your event (and all its little details) to the next level. From soup to nuts, we can manage, market, and even handle clean up. All you need to do is look your best.

    Brand Development & Creative Services

    What is my company’s brand? What’s our message? Is our look working and does it attract customers? Whether starting from scratch or needing a modern update, we can work with you to help tell your visual story through logo design, marketing collateral, website development and video.

    Web Development

    Do I need a website? What should it look like? What will it do for my business? Whenever you have a question, where do you go these days? Google! Ensuring your online presence is prominent and ranking high is essential to your business. Let us help you maximize your online presence. Remember: One chance. Good impression. Keep them coming back for more.


    (We'll let you in on a little secret - all of our clients are our favorite!)

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