Brand Trust Is A Must

Kim McKeeman here! I read an article in the Harvard Business Review this morning that really hit home for me. It said we must remain committed to maintaining the trust our businesses have built during the pandemic.

Coincidently, I’ve been hyper-focused on trust because my PR firm’s team is reading Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team (my fourth time reading it, and I highly recommend it). The first dysfunction is the Absence of Trust – and it’s fascinating how so many things always come back to that word, especially in business. 

Just ask the people who run the Edelman Trust Barometer – for 20 years, they’ve studied trust and determined it is “the ultimate currency that all institutions – business, governments, NGOs, and media – build with their stakeholders.” In fact, the number one finding of this year’s study was that Distrust is now society’s default emotion with nearly 6 in 10 saying their first inclination is to distrust something until they see evidence it is trustworthy. Talk about a perspective-builder.

It’s not just about convenience and cost anymore. Consumers have been and continue to base their purchasing decisions on companies that make them feel good and align with their values – essential elements in building a foundation of trust.

Trust isn’t about standing in the crowd and shouting at people – “we’re different, we’re not like everybody else!” It’s about connection, credibility, and putting words into action that not only contribute to your customers’ well-being but also to the well-being of your employees and beyond.

Has brand trust been a priority for your organization? Maybe you’re in a new market, you don’t have the capacity to do it all or you haven’t found the right way to tell your story. The bottom line -it has to start with trust. Need somewhere to start? Our team has put together our own top 5 list on how to build brand trust as a company. We welcome you to take a look and ask any questions or share feedback.

Kim McKeeman is the founder and CEO of McKeeman Communications, a 27-year-old independent public relations agency with offices in NC and TN. McKeeman Communications specializes in brand management, strategic communications, issues management, media relations, social media, and community relations. McKeeman Communication would love to help your business navigate business marketing decisions the next time you Google, “public relations first near me”.

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