5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Brand

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that utilize a device or the internet. Organizations use channels such as email, social media platforms, search engines, and websites to build relationships with potential and current customers. How does digital marketing benefit your business? Raleigh, NC PR Firm McKeeman Communications dives into 5 of these benefits.

1. Digital marketing helps your organization reach a wider audience

Digital marketing is essential to building brand awareness. Every other brand nowadays has a website or a social media presence, if not both. Digital marketing is so ubiquitous that most consumers rely on it as a way to discover products and services.

2. You can then target only the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service

When you place an ad on TV, on a billboard or in a magazine, you cast a very wide net, which will include consumers who are not interested in your brand at all. Digital marketing allows you to identify and target specific audiences and send them personalized and high-converting marketing messages. For example, your social media ads can target an audience based on variables such as age, gender, location, interests, networks or behaviors. You can also serve ads to users who’ve shown interest in your product or service or who have searched for specific keywords related to your industry.

Digital marketing allows you to create different buyer personas, which help you understand who you are designing marketing campaigns for. Personas can help you refine your strategy over time to ensure you’re reaching the right audiences.

3. It’s more cost-effective than traditional marketing strategies

It’s difficult to measure the ROI of a print ad or a billboard. Moreover, the cost is standard whether or not it converts into sales. With digital marketing, you can track the performance of campaigns daily; you can then reallocate your resources if a certain channel does not deliver a high ROI.

Digital marketing allows you to have full control over how much you spend on your campaigns and where your money goes. You can choose to spend solely on Facebook ads or quality Instagram content. You can also fine-tune your strategy continuously until you achieve the desired results.

4. Digital marketing levels the playing field, allowing small businesses to outrank major ones

Traditionally, small businesses cannot compete with the major brands in terms of advertisement spending and audience reach. Fortunately, digital marketing strategies allow small players to outrank the big players if done right.

If you work in a small or medium-sized business, influencer marketing should be in your arsenal. Some consumers do not follow brands but follow and engage with influencers they have an affinity with (i.e., a fellow mom or a fellow foodie). Collaborate with influencers who are in the same niche as you are.

5. Digital marketing is measurable

Digital marketing can give you a comprehensive, end-to-end view of all the metrics that might matter to your company such as impressions, shares, reach, clicks, website traffic, time spent on each page, and leads generated. What’s more, you can track all these in real-time.

Digital marketing allows you to identify consumer behavior trends, helping you to make more informed decisions about what parts of your marketing strategy work and those that need improvement.

Digital marketing can work for any business regardless of size and industry. The fundamentals remain the same: you will need to build out buyer personas to identify consumer needs and create high-value online content. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy. If you’re a business in Raleigh NC that’s ready to foray into digital marketing, McKeeman Communications can help you get started.

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