Why your PR doesn’t need a new year’s resolution!

For 2023, let’s scratch talking about a completely “new year, new you.” Instead, let’s focus on what works.

As busy business owners, restaurant executives and marketing professionals, you get that. Our best successes are often the result of a renewed commitment to your business’s strengths.

For your 2023 marketing plans, that likely means resisting the temptation of “all the shiny and new things” in favor of connecting with your customers in ways that are truly meaningful to them.

So, what are those meaningful connection points in marketing for 2023? We’re so glad you asked. Check out three areas of renewed commitment for the new year:

  1. Breathe new life into your brand story. Your customers actually are interested in the real, authentic things you have to share. Giving a proverbial ‘peek-behind-the-curtain’ of your story is the first step to building trust with your customers. 81 percent of consumers say that trust is a key factor for them when making a purchasing decision. Remember the saying, “people want to do business with people”? Well, they need to know who you are, your goals, your challenges, your vulnerabilities – it’s what makes you unique and memorable. You want your story to stand out among the crowd in 2023. 
  2. Keep a steady pulse on your social media. Feels like a no-brainer, right? Half of the world uses social media via platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Here is where your brand can be seen by a larger, more targeted audience. Remember, though, it’s not enough to just have a social presence. It takes commitment to strategy, the creation of fun and relevant content and consistently posting and engaging with your followers. It also takes the right mix of content: part entertainment, part education and part selling – it can’t ALL be promotional, ALL the time.
  3. Try something new-ish. We’re not saying ditch your entire marketing plan for new things. But, build on what works (connecting with customers) in thoughtful ways. We know that people are changing the way they consume media – rapidly. Influencer marketing has worked for years – now, it just might look a little different with social media. Partner with an influencer and it may be one of the best decisions you make in 2023. Lean into vulnerability and authenticity – it’s what’s propelled influencer marketing. It’s about building trust and connecting with your customers in ways they care about. 

Knowing that only 9% of people successfully keep their resolutions, we think an updated approach to your existing marketing strategies is your best bet for success in 2023. New year, new view!

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