The Power of Storytelling in a Social Savvy World

Even in 2023, social media continues to be an essential piece of the marketing mix for businesses. And sure, anyone can put a social media post together – but our social team knows that it takes a creative, data-driven strategy to move the needle, reach your target audience and propel real action.

Wanna know the #1 way we build brand interest and engagement for our clients? It all boils down to storytelling.

So, why is storytelling important?

Storytelling not only grabs the attention of your targeted audience, but they can build a community and encourage action by speaking to a person’s emotions and values. Content that affects their wallet, their family, or heart will stop the scroll and create conversation  – it’s a powerful tool! 

So as you build your stories for social media, think about what problem your brand or product can solve and create content that tells that story vs. just promoting a sale. 

If I were queen for a day, here are the 4 things I’d tell our clients to consider when building storytelling content:

  • Show your uniqueness. Why should someone care about what you have to say?
  • Embrace visuals. A picture or video is worth a thousand words!
  • Put yourself in your followers’ shoes. What’s important, funny, or interesting to you?
  • Make it personal. People trust the opinion of other people, not brands.

Need help telling your impactful story? Send me an email to start the convo. 

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