Seize the opportunity! How the pandemic is changing consumer behavior

2020 was a year that taught us a lot about the power of communications and behaviors.  

As the world embarks on moving from the global pandemic crisis to recovery, it’s clear that consumer behaviors, in all aspects of life, won’t be returning to “normal” any time soon. 

We say it often – “control what you can control.” Those changed behaviors? Not something we can control. Instead, understand what will be different, embrace those changes and use them to maximize your communications and strengthen your business. Here’s how you can seize the opportunity today: 

  • Dependency on digital. We have covered a “decade in days” with the adoption of digital. Ninety-percent of people in the U.S. are spending more time on their devices. We are exercising, socializing, working, shopping and more – online. Is there an attribution we can include here or a link? 
    • Seize this opportunity!  Don’t sleep on your social/digital media presence. Your website and social channels are now the front doors to your brand. Create a personalized, human-to-human connection online through virtual events, authentic content and empathy (lots of empathy). Simply put – communicate often and consistently.
  • News media consumption is skyrocketing. The pandemic has caused a spike in local news reliance and consumption. Consumers are craving real-time information happening in their communities. 
    • Seize this opportunity! There are now more channels than ever to maximize your brand exposure and reach. The impact of media is important to society, as it helps in building brand trust. Don’t be afraid to share your story – your good news, wins, losses and take this opportunity to be vulnerable and get your story out there. Telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to influence, teach, and inspire.
  • Renewed focus on local and community impact. Brand purpose can help build loyalty. While the pandemic has been a time of isolation, it has also brought communities together. According to a recent study, 89% of Americans are “more likely to support a brand if they also have a positive impact on the world.” 
    • Seize the opportunity! Consider including Cause Marketing in your 2021 marketing strategies. Immerse yourself in the community – create ways for your team or your customers to support other organizations or initiatives around you. What goes around comes around, after all. 

The pandemic forced us all to pause and reconsider, well, everything – from reevaluating marketing strategies to how we engage with our customers. While the jury is still out on what 2021 will hold, one thing is for sure, we’re here to help you embrace the “power of the pivot” (yes, we went there with the “P” word).

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