In five years I’ll be …

Five years. To me, that seems like a long time when you break it down. Just one year: three hundred and sixty-five days, 52 weeks, and 8,760 hours. However, time flies…whether you’re having fun or not.

Five years ago, I was a recent grad from East Carolina University. I was newly single, wanting to be fiercely independent, but had no real idea of what I was going to do. I knew I had a framed diploma in my room that said, “Bachelor of Science in Communication” and that I REALLY wanted to use it.

Fate definitely stepped in when I finally had my first phone interview with our CEO and fearless #girlboss, Kim McKeeman. She was very easy to talk to and had a way of making me feel comfortable even though interviews never are. I ended up going to Raleigh for a second and third interview and was eventually hired by her public relations agency – then called McKeeman PR. We’ve rebranded to McKeeman Communications, so feel free to scroll through the site while you’re here.

It was a bit scary but also energizing. I wanted to be the best right away, but also be humble about my rookie status. You know, I had mastered college, so the next chapter must be mastered just as easily (insert laugh here). My competitive nature could be blamed on growing up with boys who never let me play with them unless I could “hang.” I had to be better than I thought I was, or at least act like it. The fake it ’til you make it slogan became real to me at the ripe age of eight.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t the best. I had a lot to learn and mistakes to make along the way. It made me crazy at first, but I had wonderful teachers and friends who also happened to be my new colleagues. They encouraged me, took the time to teach instead of demanding unrealistic excellence and later celebrated my successes. The first year was challenging, but it set me up for true success in the years to come.

Back then, I didn’t spend a ton of time thinking about my career in five years. To be honest, in college you’re taught not to worry about it because most of the time you spend one to two years at your first job and then move on. Well as you can probably tell, this was not the case for me. I found a home at McKeeman and, although a lot of things have changed in the past five years, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve had managers who pushed me to be the best that I could be, clients who became second families, two different offices, four promotions and so many memories to keep me inspired for the next five years.

Although I have no idea where I’ll be in the next five years, I’m sure it will be something worth telling. You’ll just have to stay tuned for my 2022 blog post – add it to your calendar!

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