How to SPRING up your communication in 5 minutes

Yes. I did, unfortunately, just use an overused seasonal pun. But when spring cleaning is on the brain, what better time is there to spruce up your writing so that, you know, people actually READ it.

As PR/communications professionals, we sometimes (ok, most of the time) overanalyze our language which results in flowery language, too much detail, smiley faces and exclamation points (totally kidding on those) so I often look for ways to better streamline my emails in hopes of better engaging clients, reporters or – heck – even co-workers.

Are my five minutes up yet? Ok – so now for what you’ve all been waiting for – here are 4 quick tips to increasing the effectiveness of your communication: 

  1. Simplify your subject line. 5-7 words is the sweet spot and make sure to include numbers.
  2. Bold or underline any asks, requests, desired actions.
  3. Proof. Don’t rely on spellcheck. You think that this goes without saying but the misuse of their and there is sadly very real.
  4. If someone needs to scroll down, your email is too long. At that point, picking up the phone is likely the better option – yes, even in this digital age.

 And one more thing, please don’t use read receipts – just don’t. Sometimes, even if I read the email, I still click “don’t send” because… well, annoying.

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