Hyper-Local Marketing: A Brief Explanation Of A Targeted Approach

Hyper-local marketing is outreach on an extremely niche scale. Instead of identifying a specific demographic based on customer traits, hyper-local marketing focuses on the geographic region. Many PR firms in Charlotte, NC utilize this marketing approach for businesses looking to reach others in their immediate area.

There are many benefits of hyper-local marketing. These include:

  • Marketing personalization. Because hyper-local marketing targets people within, for example, a few city blocks, marketing can be tailored specifically to things they might understand with references that may get lost on outsiders.
  • Better search results. The vast majority of consumers utilize search engines, such as Google, when searching for nearby products and services. By prioritizing a targeted location, a business can better improve its local search results and therefore broaden its customer base.
  • Scalability. Many PR firms throughout the Charlotte area utilize hyper-local marketing as a proverbial dip in the waters for businesses looking to scale their marketing plans. By forming a marketing strategy that targets a small number of people, marketers, business owners, and PR professionals can create bigger and broader marketing that continues to adapt to users in all locations.

Types Of Hyper-Local Marketing

Just as there are many benefits of marketing on a local scale, there are many different ways to do so.

  • Hyper-Local content. Niche content reaches the audience where they are. To create hyper-local marketing content, write to the people in the area. Talk about what they know using language that’s familiar to them.
  • Google My Business (GMB). GMB is one of the most valuable tools out there for business owners. Considering that around one-third of all Google searches are affiliated with a location, it makes sense for businesses to ensure their Google search results are tied to their physical location.
  • Separate landing pages. A landing page is a type of web page designed specifically for conversion. Businesses with multiple locations throughout Charlotte, NC, might consult with their PR firm about creating pages for each ZIP Code/neighborhood. This can better help these targeted customers find what they are looking for without having to go to a business’ main page and navigate to different locations.

McDonald’s Is The King Of Hyper-Local Marketing

Most business owners will have thousands of locations across the world. But, they can look to large corporations, such as McDonald’s, for inspiration and to see hyper-local marketing at work. A McDonald’s in Singapore will not have the same menu as a McDonald’s in Charlotte, NC. This is because people in Singapore and people in Charlotte are used to different flavors. While McDonald’s colors and overall branding material, it changes the menu to suit a targeted audience. The result here is that people from across the globe recognize and trust the golden arches to bring a familiar dining experience.

There are many moving parts when it comes to hyper-local marketing. But the end goal is always the same. That is to capture the attention of the shoppers closest to a business’ location.  

If you are interested in hyper-local marketing, contact McKeeman Communications today. As one of the most niche PR firms in the Charlotte area, McKeeman’s staff understands the challenges and benefits of marketing on all scales.

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