Top 3 reasons that your grand opening is just the beginning

“If you build it they will come.” 
I’m a big Kevin Costner and Field of Dreams fan, but I’m a bigger fan of successful businesses. So, while the concept makes for a good movie premise, the busiest new restaurants realize that “launching and hoping” is not a strategy.

Grand openings, market entries, new product launches – they’re a lot of work. And, using our BFF Google, you’ll see that grand opening tips abound. But tips on growing and sustaining that momentum? Umm, not so much.

Opening day, just like in baseball, is a big to-do. But, it’s really just the beginning. It’s what comes after the opening or launch that’s even more important.

1. The “new and shiny” part of opening will dim. It’s just the way things work. So, ensure your restaurant is more than just new.  Keep it current and continue to engage deeper with your customers and your community.

2. Nearly 90% of purchases are based on emotion – how that experience makes you feel. A grand opening is a great start. But, alas, one-hit wonders aren’t successful in making your customers feel something about your restaurant. Those connections are built over time.

3. Competition is tough and you need to be well-versed in the latest industry numbers. More and more restaurants are opening and growing, and informal eating out is popular with all age groups – from millennials to boomers. You need to be on your A game – and that means ensuring people feel good about your restaurant, visit more often, and tell their family and friends.

So if the name of the game is to sustain – here are some tips you may want to consider.

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