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February is winding down, but in the spirit of keeping the love flowing all month long, we’ve got a little something to share.

Now that we’ve all had a chance to come down from the post-Valentine’s Day sugar rush (thank you 50% off candy!), we thought we’d share some of the things we’re loving right now. Let us know if you love any of our recommendations and be sure to share your own with us! We’d love to hear from you.

  • Kim McKeeman, CEO

Colleen Hoover novels

Folks who know me well understand or tolerate my passionate binge-reading on my Kindle.  From biz books, post-apocalyptic reads to sci-fi and romantic comedies – I’m an equal-opportunity reader.  Right now, I absolutely loving some of Collen Hoover’s most recent books including Regretting You, All Your Perfects and Without Merit.  As a 3 to 5-book per week reader, her newest novels brought me to tears.  And, I’m not a crier.

Kendra Scott Color Bar

Thanks McKeeman Mavens. Y’all have turned me on to Kendra Scott jewelry (hello, 50% off during birthday month), and I’ll never look back. While I’ve always been a “what quality jewelry can I purchase that won’t bring me to my knees when I inevitably lose that one earring”, this is different. Kendra is that middle ground between Loft/Ann Taylor and fine jewelry. And the color bar – awesome customization that I love for hand-selecting gifts.

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

As a recent cup-a-day coffee lover, I had never been a “flavored coffee fan.”  Enter Skinny Syrups. Thanks to our corporate apartment at The Dartmouth in Raleigh, personally-flavored coffee is huge fan favorite for me.  Peanut butter cup without the calories or carbs?  Oh yeah. 

  • Caroline Schmid, Vice President

The Outsider

HBO does it again with this series based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel (of the same name) is giving my Sunday nights life, seriously. There are not many shows that my husband and I get excited to watch together but this one definitely has fans in both of us. It’s creepy and suspenseful and acting is fantastic. It also features Jason Bateman as both an actor, director and executive producer and, well, let’s just say that he’s one of my go-to celebrity crushes. I heart him and this series. 


While I’m not new to this recipe-filled website, I’ve jumped back on the bandwagon for the New Year. For anyone who is looking for easy, relatively healthy, uncomplicated and diverse recipes indexed by season, protein, difficulty, cooking appliance (Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker), this is the site for you. She also does weekly meal plans accompanied by grocery lists for free. It’s honestly a saving grace for sanity, wallet and stomach.


My dad got me a FabFitFun gift card for my birthday and those boxes are just the best. They are essentially a subscription service where you receive a box each season filled with all kinds of fun goodies. Literally, for only $50 a quarter, I received full-size beauty products from Aveda, Drybar, Living Proof and Murad (hello $80 eye cream) plus cosmetics like Tarte mascara and a Beauty Bakerie eyeshadow palette – it usually equates to more than $300 worth of items in each box. Every time it’s delivered, I swear it’s like Christmas all over again.

  • Whitney Williams, Account Supervisor

Hello Fresh

As a new mom, it has been difficult to find time to grocery shop and cook, but this delivery service has truly made my life easier. It provides simple, six-step directions and only the amount of produce, spices, etc. that you need for that particular meal. Also, every dinner has been delicious! I recommend the Bibimbap meals 😉

Your Favorite Thing podcast

Basically, Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus share their favorite things while also dipping their toes in to pop culture headlines. They also read negative customer reviews on Amazon to share what viewers don’t like – in a humorous way.  It’s fun, upbeat and easy listening. Not to mention, I always have new music to listen to and books to read by the end!

Huckleberry App

For all the parents out there, this app has been a game changer. It allows you to enter your child’s nap times and then it shares their “sweet spot” for the next nap time. It’s right on point with my daughter, which has helped avoid breakdowns from being overtired.

  • Katie Parker, Account Supervisor

My Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Victoria actually introduced this to me when we were slumming it together in good ole Del City, OK. While it may be a tad bit on the pricier side, it gets the job done and I don’t have to wash my hair for days (which my husband says is disgusting). My tip: put it in your hair at night and wake up with beautiful hair in the AM.

My new Amazon yoga pants

OK, another McKeeman Maven find! This one was introduced to me by Whitney. There are a million colors, but I went with the dark camo, because I was feeling a little adventurous, but not over the top. They have two pockets and feel like butter. And, they’re only $29, and I swear they’re Lulu-lemon dupes!

Whole30 Chia Seed Pudding

 I did Whole30 in January and this may have saved me. You can’t have sweets, but this had me excited to eat in the morning and could even be a dessert. Yum and healthy!

  • Becky Ogburn, Account Executive

The Office Ladies podcast

We watch a lot of television at our house, and the Office has long been one of our favorites. This podcast is just fun – and makes you want to re-watch the series, particularly episodes they are discussing. It makes driving long distances fly by and it also makes you really glad your boss is not Michael Scott.

Luther on Amazon Prime

Oh my gosh, I freaking love a British series. I blew through “The Crown” and then “Broadchurch” (much to the chagrin of my family and the cleanliness of my house), I’m now sucked into “Luther”. I love a good murder mystery, and Idris Elba doesn’t hurt either. 

Benton’s Animal Crackers from Aldi

These are the most addicting little crackers (which are really like cookies). Oh my gosh. And when you dip them into hot mocha or hot chocolate, heck – a can of frosting, your life will forever be changed for the better.

  • Victoria O’Neal, Account Executive

The Noble Blood podcast

I’m a big history buff and this is one of my favorite podcasts right now. Dana Schwartz knows how to tell a good story (plus she’s also really funny – check out her books!) Even people who “don’t like history” will be entertained.

My Desktop Keyboard

When I’m not busy being an old lady, I’m sometimes a tech nerd. I love video games and new computer parts and this keyboard is no exception. It feels like a typewriter (old lady vibes) and it lights up and it’s super pretty and it makes a great noise when you type. 

Color Depositing Conditioner

If you have colored hair, THIS IS FOR YOU. This stuff saves my purple hair and makes my color last for weeks longer than it would if I used regular conditioner. Are my palms sometimes lightly stained purple? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

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