What The Heck is EOS? And Do I Need to Know the Secret Handshake?

Okay, so our company has been practicing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) for four years now, and as I like to share with our team – I always feel one day smarter than I did yesterday.

And the kicker? The traction started right away.

But, as EOS creator Gino Wickman shares, implementing EOS as your business’s operating system is “simple, but not easy.”

It’s simple because EOS provides a clear, focused roadmap that forces you to focus key efforts on your most important business issues, through unwavering accountability. The EOS roadmap brings the best business concepts together in one while giving due credit to a host of leaders like Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, Patrick Lencioni and Ken Blanchard.

But it’s not easy because EOS requires change, consistency and decisiveness. Let’s face it, though, anything worth doing well requires the same. I decided my business deserved this. And then we made EOS happen, one decision at a time.

For the healthy skeptics – like me – there are no trust falls, no expensive tools to buy, no subscriptions or boot camps to attend. You listen, read and practice. Kind of like the stuff you’re already doing. But with singular purpose and focus: making your business stronger and healthier.

Want to know more? Check out the EOS website and blogs.

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