The Comeback Kid: Planning In-Person Events in a Post-Pandemic World

Spring has sprung, mask mandates have lifted and we are all venturing out into the world after a long two years of some kind of quarantine. Personally, it’s energizing to see some light at the end of the tunnel. 
Restaurants are filling back up. Concerts are being rescheduled. Sporting events are selling out. Customers are ready to come back. But, how do you approach your first in-person event with the remaining uncertainty and – let’s face it – limited staff?
If you missed having a big grand opening celebration due to the pandemic, these 3 back-to-business event tips from Raleigh-based PR firm, McKeeman Communications, are for you:

  1. Go big, but keep it manageable. Being realistic is the name of the game. As you approach your grand opening event plans, consider what your staff can handle. No one ever wants to invite their customers in for a so-so experience. Creating customer loyalty is all about providing high-quality experiences they’ll want to tell their friends and family about.
  2. Stay flexible. Build your master grand opening or customer appreciation event and think big, while allowing for some flexibility. Set yourself up for success by considering weather issues, pandemic spikes, and sick staff members – and have a backup plan. The last thing anyone wants is to have to cancel the comeback tour.
  3. Create a compelling reason to attend. Consumers are more discerning than ever about which events they attend – give them a home run reason to come to your shindig. Know what really matters to your customers and create an experience they’ll remember. Partner with a local influencer, support a local nonprofit, or offer unique giveaways.

As you launch your back-to-business game plan, keep in mind that the beginning is just that – the beginning. Sustaining momentum is the name of the game, so if you’re looking for a strategy that goes beyond your grand opening check out these helpful tips. The next time you search Google for “public relations firms near me”, reach out to us for help!

Kim McKeeman is the founder and CEO of McKeeman Communications, a 27-year-old independent public relations agency with offices in NC and TN. McKeeman Communications is a PR firm that specializes in brand management, strategic communications, issues management, media relations, social media, and community relations.

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