Reflecting on 2016: Caroline Schmid

The days may be long but the years are always short

As 2016 comes to a close, nothing rings truer than the above statement.

Not only did I give birth to my daughter this year (now almost 10 months old!) but I also celebrated 5 years with McKeeman, 6 years married to my husband and, of course, the second birthday of my wild child, Austin.

In a year with so many milestones, it’s hard not to look at your life as a whole to reflect on how you cope with the good, the bad, the ugly and the absolutely wonderful and how you want to do things better (don’t worry – I’m not preaching resolutions).

For 2017, I truly want to kick anxiety to the curb. After all, isn’t anxiety “worrying about worrying” and, really, what does that accomplish? Nothing – other than distracting me from the things that truly matter, like watching Maddie confidently take her first step or celebrating a fellow McKeemanite’s big client service win of the week.

I also want to be kinder – not only to others but to myself. Many of us – especially in this field – can be uber-perfectionists. Thus, I’d like to give myself a little grace especially when it comes to the small things like picking up dinner via drive-thru or pizza delivery or when I forget to move the clean clothes from the washer (not once, but twice) and have to do the cycle all over again.

I think the root of all of these things is about living in the moment. And with that, I’ll leave you with some wise words from the yellow bear himself.

“What day is it?”

It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

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