New Hire: Meet Leah!

Welcome to McKeeman! What have you enjoyed the most so far? 

Leah Galloway (LG): It definitely has to be the camaraderie with the McKeeman gals. We get our work done, but also take time to talk and get to know each other outside of the office. We all share a common love for what we do and helping our clients succeed. It’s a nice feeling to share that bond while really liking the people you work with.

What is a professional or personal goal you’ve reached that you are really proud of?

LG: It’s got to be working alongside the Duke Blue Devils for some promotions. This was a lifelong dream and not in a stalker kind of way (well, kind of). Getting to watch a basketball game inside of Cameron Indoor Stadium and then walking on the court is an experience I will never forget!  Besides bleeding Duke blue, getting hired with team McKeeman comes in a close second.

You’ve got a life outside of McKeeman too. What do you do for fun? 

LG: I have a fifteen-year-old Siberian Husky, named Riley, who is my world!  I love to take her on walks in Uptown Charlotte exploring new areas of the city. When she’s not with me I like to venture out to new restaurants with friends (especially restaurants with half price wine) or head to the Whitewater Center to go kayaking. Sometimes (and I know this sounds lame) I like to just sit and watch back to back episodes of Forensic Files or 48 Hours Mystery while having my nice red glass of wine.

What’s your favorite cocktail? We must know. 

LG: I love a nice red glass of wine, either a Malbec or Cabernet…especially if you’re buying!

Ryan Reynolds or Jon Bon Jovi? 

LG: Can I go rogue here and say neither?  I’m going to have to go with my main man, Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam. Not trying to go back to that stalker reference, but I have seen the band sixteen times! Oh and I did get kicked out of the backstage from his first wife!

What’s your most embarrassing office moment so far? 

LG: I would have to say at one of our dinner get-togethers and playing a game like charades. My turn was to imitate a scene from “When Harry Met Sally” and you all know what scene I’m talking about. As I’m acting this out my supervisor’s mother and children walk through the door. Not a shining moment.

What’s the most embarrassing song on your phone?
LG: Hmm… The
 most embarrassing song on my iTunes account?  I tend to like the heavier side of music so to admit that I have a lot of Britney Spears in my account is a little hard for me. (smile)

Leah joined the McKeeman team as a Senior Account Executive in August 2016. 

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