McKeeman Communications: Marketing Musts For Your 2023 Promotional Plan

If you’re currently researching PR firms in Raleigh, North Carolina, you’ve likely found many options, and each may have a different idea of what you should include in your marketing budget for the coming year. While every business is different, the experts at McKeeman Communications recommend a crisis communication plan, social media presence, and proactive brand reputation management for all types of operations.

But what does this mean?

First, having a crisis communication plan means knowing what to say and do when issues arise. Any number of problems can cause poor financial performance and have a major and negative impact on your reputation. PR firms can help you decide who your spokesperson will be and develop a message that speaks to your customers in times of tragedy. It’s crucial not to ignore issues but to meet them head-on so that you control the narrative.

According to McKeeman Communications, a social media presence is fairly self-explanatory, but there’s more involved than many people realize. Social media is not a cookie-cutter solution for all businesses. While some companies can get away with a single Facebook or Instagram page, not everyone’s customers are on these platforms. PR firms in the Raleigh area can help each customer decide which social platform is right for them. In addition to showcasing the best of what you have to offer, social media allows you to engage with your customers where they already are. This means not only talking with those who are happy with your product or service but also (and arguably most importantly) having a place to show you care when things don’t go according to plan.

Brand and reputation management is what allows you to showcase the best of yourself and your business online. Maintaining control over your brand can help you better overcome a reputation problem, such as a bad review by a disgruntled customer. Maintaining your brand is a combination of many actions, including listening to your customers, understanding your competitors, and knowing what’s being said about you at all times.

Ultimately, your marketing plan should be tailored to you, your business, and your budget. When you need a bit of help, McKeeman Communications is there.

McKeeman Communications is one of the premier PR firms in the Raleigh, NC, area. Founded by industry veteran Kim McKeeman, McKeeman Communications can help you take control of your business’s story, showcase the best of your brand on social media, and serve as your marketing partner from startup to success.

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