for the greater good

It’s an agency core value that we hold extremely high – here’s why:

We founded our company with “For the Greater Good” in mind. Twenty-five years ago, I wanted to solve a work-life integration issue.  We sought a better way to create a communications agency that allowed outstanding PR colleagues to pursue their professional passions without giving up their family lives. I was able to do great work for clients, while spending good time raising my sons and I wanted to share that experience with more PR professionals.

  • Kim

This core value is so important to how we operate because it’s our guiding principle in not only how we work with one another but also how we make decisions for our company. If there’s any doubt that something will be for the greater good of McKeeman, than it’s a hands-down, no-go.

  • Caroline

The Greater Good! It’s amazing to be a part of a team that holds this core value so close to its heart. For me, the greater good means making sure no one is drowning. Every week, we have a meeting with our team and we all share how we’re feeling workload-wise – what’s your capacity? Green, yellow or red. If you’re red, your capacity is automatically an issue that our entire team needs to solve, because no one is drowning on our watch. This core value has become more important to our team, now probably more than ever. We know too many people, businesses and clients who are hurting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and from the very get-go, our response has, and remains to be, how can we help? We’re in this for the greater good. Now and always.

  • Katie

One of McKeeman’s core values is “For the Greater Good” – and honestly, I don’t think it’s something that anyone on our team has to ever think too terribly hard about, if at all. It’s literally how each McKeeman Maven is wired. I have been part of this team for a little over 10 years and can honestly say I haven’t gone a day without someone asking how I’m doing, how my workload is, and if they can help lighten that load. And that’s not only with each other but with our clients. And if I have to ask before help is offered, I know any one of my team would step up. I’m wondering if we should change that core value to “No Man Left Behind”? 😊

  • Becky

When we say that we do something “For the Greater Good” – what we mean is that we look at more than just the needs or desires of ourselves as individuals or as a company. We want our actions to make a difference for our team, our clients and our communities. Whether that’s stepping in for a team member to lead a call knowing they’re at home with two kiddos or providing thought partnership to a client on a task that’s typically outside of your scope. Or maybe it’s using your knowledge and expertise to support a community group in need. 
No matter how big or small, the mavens always try to step in and take action “For the Greater Good.”

  • Whitney

For the Greater Good [noun]:
For the benefit of the those around you, of more people than oneself; that which is better and more correct.

AKA – selfless

  • Shannon

I love this core value. It means that every time we get ready to do something, we ask ourselves “how does this help others around me?” That could be a client, our community or each other – it’s basically an all-encompassing “don’t be a jerk,” which I love.

  • Victoria



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