Are interns managing your social media?

Who is running your company’s social media accounts?
If you answered “we have an intern on top of it,” or “my daughter/son/niece,” etc., it’s probably time for a different approach.
It’s tempting to unleash the Gen Z’ers on your social outlets, because – why not? Their generation practically lives 24/7 on social media and, heck, they know what’s trendy, right? 
Unfortunately, just because your intern can write a good caption on their own Facebook or Instagram page, doesn’t mean they will be able to approach your company platforms with a strategy that aligns with your business plan. Or the right brand voice and creativity.
We all know that social media usage has skyrocketed in 2020. If that doesn’t make you take another look at how you’re managing social, here are three more reasons: 
1. Industry Knowledge: It’s not just about pairing salesy text with an image. Enlisting social media support from people who don’t understand your market, business goals, or recent industry news can actually hinder efforts and tarnish your brand’s credibility and voice. 
2. Understanding the Audience: And, it’s not just about the content – good social media requires that you know which channels work best for your business. TikTok might be fun for personal use, but is it the best platform to boost your company’s brand presence? Depends on who you’re trying to reach. Knowing your audience – and where your customers and prospective customers engage on social media – is just as important as the content you’re putting out there.
3. Crisis Management: More and more, crises are beginning and blowing up on social media. Whether it be a poorly-executed post, an unflattering photo posted by an employee, or a negative review, content can spread like wildfire. To prepare for issues like these, protocols and approval processes are must-haves. Predictive editorial calendars reviewed monthly by a supervisor, individual post reviews, and having a second (or third) pair of eyes on your social content before it is published is the name of the game to avoid costly missteps or blow-ups. 
Remember: Your social media outlets are, in essence, your brand’s own personal microphone online. And, in a world of screenshots and viral social media faux pas, any social media projects involving, let’s just say “lightly trained” communications professionals, should include strong oversight and clear protocols. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that helps you move the needle on your business – when you put the power in the right hands.
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