3 Things you Need To Know About Social Advertising

Advertising on social media can feel like stumbling around in the dark.
Where do you even begin? 
How much budget is enough? (spoiler alert – it’s not your traditional ad spend)
How can you ensure your ads are being seen by the right people? 
Clients and colleagues alike are asking us these questions more and more. What it all boils down to…is social advertising really worth it?
The answer is a resounding yes.  Here are the top 3 things to consider as you’re dipping your toes into – or upping your game on – social  advertising.
1.     Targeting
The most important element to social advertising is reaching the right audience. It’s all about who you’re trying to reach. Millennials, parents, iGen or people with specific interests. 
Once you identify your core audience, don’t stop there. Social targeting can reach people based where they live, their hobbies, whether or not they’re on vacation – the possibilities are endless. In 2017, social media advertising drove 3x more new customers than existing customers to business websites and that number continues to grow. That’s big, folks.
2.     Budget
We get it.  Many business owners are hesitant to advertise on social media because they think it’s going to cost them an arm and a leg. It’s important to remember social advertising is worlds different than traditional paid media. The beauty? Smaller budgets can still yield great results. Yes, we said smaller budgets.
We recommend starting small – as long as you’re targeting the correct audience. You’d be surprised that a budget as little as $50 can pull in relatively large results. Trial and error is the theme here. Start with a small budget and monitor the results. Not seeing the reach you want? Try bumping it up a little.
3.     Content
We all know content is king.  Social media pages are filled with ads, so how do you make yours stand out? Although creating content that is eye-catching and engaging seems like a mountain of a challenge, it can be done effectively. Consider what “pulls you in” as a consumer.  I’m guessing it’s not repurposed TV commercials and “corporate-ty”, over-polished images. Instead, aim to create fun content that appeals to the audience you’re targeting.
Social advertising is still a bit of an “unknown” marketing resource for many small businesses.  But, with the right mix of content, targeting, and budget, the impact can be huge.  Still a little unsure about how social media fits into your marketing mix?  Take a walk over to our website to check out how to maximize social media to connect with your customers.
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