3 Reasons You Need to Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Remember when marketing meant spending almost all of your annual budget on TV campaigns, radio spots, billboards and, gasp, even newspaper ads?

Fast forward to now. While “traditional paid media” remains important, what really brings people through the door is how they feel about a brand or product.

From Harvard Business Review to Psychology Today, studies continue to show that customers purchase based on emotion.

You might be saying “great, how do I get people to like and trust what I’m selling.” Consider what influences you to try a new restaurant, or call one plumber instead of the other. Recommendations and referrals. And, they don’t have to come from friends and family anymore.

Online reviews from like-minded people are the new super-charged word-of-mouth marketing. And, they’re mighty easy on the budget. Asking customers for reviews only costs a few minutes of time and can deliver a hefty marketing benefit.

Here’s why:
1.      Customers trust reviews more than traditional advertising. HubSpot Research found 69 percent of consumers distrust traditional advertising; customers, on the other hand, are a “better and more trusted way for prospects to learn about your business.”

2.      Consumers hesitate to leave positive reviews unless nudged. ReviewTrackers points out that only 28 percent of consumers leave reviews after positive experiences, but 34 percent do after negative incidents. Those negative reviewers impact 94 percent of consumers, who say they avoid companies with unfavorable reviews.
On the flip side, most buyers trust businesses with four or more stars. Positive reviews are the fastest way to four stars, so don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers to share the love.

3.Customers find you more easily. Search Engine Watch explains that reviews can also increase your findability factor. They boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in part by building online authority, creating user-generated content, and increasing web traffic.

BrightLocal adds Google Reviews alone are not enough to give businesses a first-page ranking, but those who land in the top 10 spots on Google Local average 38 or more Google Reviews. If you’re not already asking your clients for reviews, it’s an approach worth adding to your company’s SEO – and overall marketing — strategy.

Why wait to reach out to your customers? Ask them for a review today.

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