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Chuy’s Tex-Mex

Our mission—bring the unique experience that is Chuy’s to North Raleigh.

This included helping to increase awareness, grow partnerships with area businesses and charities as well as generate a local following – Tex-Mex lovers unite!


Media relations, social media relations, blogger relations and event coordination.

Redfish Rally: Our team helped to coordinate a special “welcome to the community” event where locals, Chuy’s fans, Texas natives and community leaders were invited. Guests spent the event to getting to know the Chuy’s brand, sampling signature drinks and food while—of course—having a good time! We also had the opportunity to come up with the Raleigh-area Chuy’s tagline: First in Flavor” playing off Carolina’s “First in Flight.”

VIP EventsOur team helped Chuy’s to coordinate three pre-opening events: the VIP Preview and Charity Dinner, and the Family and Friends event. These events invited local media, friends, family and their charity partner in for a sneak-peek taste of Chuy’s scratch-made Tex-Mex. The food was free and all proceeds from the alcoholic drink sales supported their local charity.

Grassroots MarketingWe coordinated pop-up shops to serve various drinks and their famous chips and dips as well as made food drops the day before the actual opening to local businesses helping to spread the word. We also coordinated a special ribbon cutting with local officials.

Results: They had very successful opening events and were very well received by the community and local media. This led to mentions by all of the local broadcast stations, mentions in the top area newspapers (News & Observer and Triangle Business Journal) as well as multiple other mentions by local food bloggers and smaller area papers. Since the grand opening, the Raleigh location has been one of Chuy’s highest performing restaurants in the nation.