How a dash of sponsored content can enhance your marketing recipe

Recently I’ve been sharing “comeback” trends we’ve been observing in restaurant marketing that should find a way into your 2024 plans. Now we’re shining a spotlight on sponsored content.

Gasp…a paid media tactic coming from a PR professional? Hear me out.

Actually, I’ve never been a one-size-fits-all type of marketer. I’m always on the hunt for the right mix of levers to pull to connect with your customers. Because, guess what? Your customers change. Media changes. And so we adapt.

Why do I like sponsored content and why should it be a tool in your 2024 marketing toolbox?

It’s rooted in storytelling. To me, good sponsored content tells a story – it doesn’t sell. When done well, it still works to engage the audience to create a connection and, ultimately, build trust. Something that always makes my heart happy.

More control over the message. Central to all the media training we’ve conducted over the years is this reality – as long as it’s accurate, we have no control over what’s printed, aired or even if it runs at all. With sponsored content, not only are you guaranteed placement, but you get final sign-off and actual reporting delivered right to your inbox.

It cuts through the noise. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but banner ads, alone, aren’t driving action. Why? There’s no story. Sponsored content allows for storytelling, and from a voice your customers trust – a reporter.

Sponsored content sparks engagement. Whether it’s through an article or a social media post, you have the opportunity to drive action. When you give an audience interesting and helpful information, they’re more likely to take the next step – from making a reservation to sharing reviews within their social circles.

Kim McKeeman, CEO

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