Victoria O’Neal

Expert In: Data/numbers/metrics

We’ve all heard the stereotype that communications people aren’t numbers people, but I’m here to prove that wrong. Whether analyzing campaign metrics or building spreadsheets that help us run our company – data strategy and organizing information is the name of my game. Need a spreadsheet for that? I’m your girl.

A true freakishly-curious problem solver, Victoria is driven by a passion for learning new things and finding outside-the-box solutions for agency and client issues using her favorite thing: data.

She holds a degree in University Studies from East Carolina University with a concentration in Business and Technical Communication and Administration. 

In her free time, you can find Victoria roaming bookstores (she’s high-tech and old school), playing video games with her husband, enjoying time with their baby boy Quinn, and hunting down pieces of useless trivia for her eventual Jeopardy debut.

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