Kim McKeeman

Expert in: Leadership Coaching + Big Picture Visions + Problem-Solving

Need a thought partner to help you solve your biggest business problems and connect the dots on your communications challenges? With nearly 30 years in communications and business ownership, I love being a freakishly curious problem solver who understands how marketing communications impact business, people, decisions and behavior change. Message me on LinkedIn and let’s connect.

Kim founded McKeeman Communications more than 25 years ago with a single passion: create an agency that really focuses on meaningful relationships with clients and team members alike. Launch a virtual agency model in the 90s…why not? Grow team members as true business partners? Yes, please. “Why not” and “there has to be a way” is just the way Kim thinks. “I’m one day smarter than I was yesterday” is her approach to work and life, and she encourages the same with colleagues.

Oh, and she’s pretty darn good at PR and marketing communications as an Accredited Public Relations (APR) professional and a Certified Crisis Manager (ICM). And, don’t get her started on the game-changing value of the EOS Worldwide business operating system, although she’ll likely offer you one of the many copies she has of the Traction book it’s based on. One of her favorite quotes is Walt Disney’s “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

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