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McKeeman Communications is a PR and marketing communications agency headquartered in Raleigh, NC with on-staff team members in Nashville, TN, Charlotte, NC and Greenville, NC. So, what is it that we do? Fair question – even our family members need reminding.

Here’s how it works – clients come to us with an issue, we “diagnose” it and help solve with the right kind of communication. Maybe you’re entering a new market or opening a new location. Perhaps you’re changing your branding or are struggling with customer awareness. It could be you’re battling poor social media reviews, or you can’t seem to get the right kind of interest from reporters.

You’re speaking our language. Bring us your challenges. We can’t wait to dive into freakishly curious problem-solving mode.

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We build brands & reputations through:

We are in the business of people. Our people, your people, your customers. Our team-created core values are guiding principles for our company and our culture. And we live these core values at McKeeman – every day.