Are your interns managing your social?

It’s tempting to unleash the millennials on your social outlets, because – why not? They’re practically on there all day anyway. 

Unfortunately, just because your intern can write a good caption on their own Facebook page or Instagram, that doesn’t mean they can approach your company platforms with the appropriate strategy that aligns with your business plan.

Your social media outlets are, in essence, your brand’s own personal microphone to the digital atmosphere. And, in a world of screenshots and viral social media faux pas, any social media projects involving, let’s just say “lightly trained” communications professionals, should include strong oversight and clear protocols. 


1. Industry Knowledge: Social media participation by a brand or company needs purpose and strategy. In other words: why are you investing the time to be on it and how is it helping you achieve your business goals

2. Understanding the Audience: Social media is a two-way street: your followers and fans can respond back and in a PUBLIC space. Would you allow your frontline employees to conduct media interviews or develop ads without extensive training and education? Of course not. Just because your interns or admin professionals understand their audience’s needs, doesn’t mean they’ll understand yours from the get-go.

3. Crisis Management: More and more these days, crises are beginning on social media. Whether it be a poorly-executed post, an unflattering photo posted by an employee, or an offensive customer-posted video, content can spread like wildfire. To prepare for issues like these, there should be protocols and approval processes in place. Whether that means your social poster puts together an editorial calendar that is reviewed monthly by a supervisor, or each post is reviewed individually, having a second (or third) pair of eyes on your social content before it is published is a must.  

The intention of all of this is not to rain on your parade. In fact, I’d encourage anyone to effectively use resources so that you, especially, as a business owner can create capacity to work at your highest and best use. Instead, my goal is to emphasize the importance of social media and the effects it can have on your business – when it’s handled right.

Interested in that whole “capacity” thing? We’d love to help.

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