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What The Heck is EOS? And Do I Need to Know the Secret Handshake?

Okay, so our company has been practicing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) for four years now, and as I like to share with our team – I always feel one day smarter than I did yesterday. And the kicker? The traction started right away. But, as EOS creator Gino Wickman shares, […]

Are your interns managing your social?

It’s tempting to unleash the millennials on your social outlets, because – why not? They’re practically on there all day anyway.  Unfortunately, just because your intern can write a good caption on their own Facebook page or Instagram, that doesn’t mean they can approach your company platforms with the appropriate […]

McKeeman Communications Announces Promotion of Anna Roesler

Raleigh, NC —McKeeman Communications is proud to announce the promotion of Anna Roesler, a valued team member since June, 2015. Roesler was recently promoted to Senior Account Executive with McKeeman, a boutique communications agency headquartered in Raleigh with one other office in Nashville, TN. This announcement was made by CEO and […]

Are online reviews hurting or helping your sales?

It’s no secret. Online continues to leapfrog more traditional media channels annually — both in use, and trust. In fact, one very popular restaurant chain has put all of their marketing dollars into digital channels. Let’s look at a couple of stats. 81% of folks conduct online research before making a purchase or visiting a […]

5 things NOT to say to a journalist

As you can imagine, in the public relations world, we are continually interacting with and building relationships with journalists. During my 25-plus years of media relations and crisis/issues management experience and into today, there’s one thing that’s remained consistent: the same media missteps continue to rear their ugly heads. What can you […]

Today’s Special: Media’s calling… now what?

For many business owners, an unexpected call from a reporter is about as fun as being caught going through a red light camera.  To avoid the internal fire drill, we always recommend having a media protocol plan for your business or organization that is simple (remember the KISS philosophy?) and shared […]

Top 3 reasons that your grand opening is just the beginning

“If you build it they will come.”  I’m a big Kevin Costner and Field of Dreams fan, but I’m a bigger fan of successful businesses. So, while the concept makes for a good movie premise, the busiest new restaurants realize that “launching and hoping” is not a strategy. Grand openings, […]

Today’s Special: 5 Tips to Grow and Sustain Your Opening

by Kim McKeeman Grand openings, market entries, new product launches – they’re a lot of work.  One restaurant owner described it as “birthing a baby.” I’m not a restaurant owner, but I have opened and rebranded my own business, helped restaurant owners open hundreds of locations and I’ve given birth […]

What’s My Social Media ROI?

Like a post. Share a post. Comment on a post. Most people and businesses can catch on quickly to the dos and don’ts of social media, but have trouble understanding the “why” behind the “what.” Why do I need to care about engagement? Why do I want to grow my […]

5 steps to avoiding crisis situations

Spoiler alert: it all begins with a simple issue. Believe it or not, avoiding a viral scandal or becoming the punch-line in late-night entertainment shows is manageable. The key lies in anticipating and solving issues through several simple — but not easy — steps. Make issue-solving core to your company culture. Practice […]